What is Cosmo-Spiritual Healing?

The energy received from the cosmos is unending. We humans can see with our naked eyes the rays received from Sun and Moon. We may also notice Venus planet at times. But there are so many other cosmic energy rays from many planets which can heal the living beings on the Earth. This is an unending source of energy which originates from the divine power – Shakthi herself.  These energies are magnetic and spiritual in nature and have healing properties for body, mind and soul. Siddha and Rishis who transcend earth and reach universe through their power of meditation, attain a level of power to heal others by tapping into this cosmo-spiritual energy.
Lotus meditation by a human
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Cosmo Spiritual Healing - How its practiced?

Cosmo-Spiritual healers are receptive to the cosmic forces and they are steadily connected with the entire cosmos through their Sahasrahara. This way the transmit the healing energies of the universe – divine powers and their healing energies are not limited  to their human self. This method is so advanced that the healer just requires the photo, age and name of the person who wants to access this healing power. Even a physical meeting is quite unnecessary. Never the less, when the person gets cured or achieves a tangible result/outcome, it is quite overwhelming for them and request for a physcial meet up to pay their respects or to even take up further healing procedures. We maintain a healing center for these reasons.

How is Cosmo Spiritual Healing Holistic?

Healing forces operate at a different dimension and different level. They address healing at a universal level. Its a process that is initiated outside the ailing body. So it addresses the aura, thoughts, mind, physical, physiological, biochemical, micro – molecular, atomic and sub atomic levels of a human body. The cleansing starts from outside and the healing energy flows across all mediums to sweep away every tiny bit of space within the person’s aura, mind, soul and body. This is the compassionate and loving energies of the Rishis/ Siddhas to aid the cure of any ailing human. The healing energy paves way for be better solutions in reality as well. Once the healing starts to work, solution could be instant or at least help us identify the right source of medication/solutions for our problems.

One will realize the doors opening for solutions which never occurred before the healing happened in their lives. The concerned person will intuitively get to know the results of this healing first and the results get manifested in reality as well.

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Alternative Healing Techniques - The need of the hour!

With the advent of most unpredictable diseases and natural disasters, People are completely fear stricken and all the well documented, measured protocols of treating healing crisis and Natural disaster management has come to a stand still. Mind boggling levels of research and study is also not able to bring things under control for human races. Time has come for even a lay man to start deeply looking for alternative solutions and every one is literally pushed to understand that there is a supreme power which is beyond our human control that manifests and guides human race in total.

However, one cannot blindly go by supernatural powers as such. One needs, proof, results and confidence to venture into such alternative healing solutions to proceed deeper into such sciences. We at Sai Guru Jeevan Trust believe in inspiring, guiding, motivating and encouraging people to take well thought out decisions and work for their betterment. We are action takers and result oriented spiritual healers and do not just propagandize empty theories. Our Cured patients/Clients are the standing proof for the same. We allow our clients to give a picture about us which is more authentic and trust worthy. Go ahead and explore our testimonials to learn more about us.

“The peace of mind which permeates the saint’s atmosphere is the only means by which the seeker understands the greatness of the saint.”
― Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana Maharshi

“My business is to give blessings. I get angry with none. Will a mother get angry with her children? Will the ocean send back the waters to the several rivers? I will take you to the end. Surrender completely to God.”

Shirdi Sai Baba